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A Suite of Powerful Healthcare
Marketing Solutions

Pulse is built around the client. The solutions we offer can be added or removed depending on your wants and needs. Have one of our solutions already? No worries, we can remove it off your Pulse platform. We are not an out of the box solution. We will work with you on creating the most impactful solution possible.

View each HCP in a brilliant and beautiful way. The digital persona is packed with rich data that covers everything, from their digital footprint, to brand specific prescription information, and how valuable they are to you.

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digital persona

Say goodbye to manual marketing. Pulse allows you to effortlessly run multiple marketing programs at the same time and automate how every engagement is treated.

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marketing automation

Want to find dermatologists that live in the Northeast and prefer being contacted by email? Boom, within a few clicks, you’ll be hyper-segmenting your list.

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hyper-focused segmentation

We didn’t win most innovative healthcare company for nothing. Our dashboard offers real results in real time. It gives pharmaceutical companies access to custom analytics tailored per brand.

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award winning dashboard

Need to pull a complex report based on a recent campaign? We give you the ability to make complicated look simple.

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advanced reporting & analytics

Pulse allows you to deploy emails, send text messages, serve banners, and more. Best part? It all comes standard, and can be triggered straight from the platform.

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multi-channel outreach

An HCP database in the cloud? Have complete control of your brands universe with our cloud based centralized database that allows you to easily segment, deploy, and analyze.

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centralized database

Long gone are the days of spraying and praying. With Pulse, you can fully understand an HCP’s channel preference. Our advanced algorithms allow a pharma brand to almost immediately increase HCP engagement.

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channel preference

proven success

A pharma brand uses Pulse's "Best Time" email technology
to see an unprecedent lift in engagement.

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